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Albert ThomsonThe Company was formed in 2005 by an ex-SNCO, Albert Thomson, who was severely injured whilst serving with the Armed Forces, resulting in extensive injuries and the amputation of his left leg.

Without the quick-thinking and level-headedness of the Army Medics and Doctors who were first on the scene following the horrific injuries he sustained, Albert knows he would not be here today.

Albert used his recovery time in hospital contemplating how he could turn this life-changing negative impact on his life into a positive. It was in April 2003, that Albert had the idea of using amputees in Military Training scenarios to give the “shock factor” to training Medics and Medical and Rescue Services. Albert wanted to "give something back" and despite the set-back of losing a body part, he wanted to prove that amputees can still play an essential part in helping to train our Medical and Rescue Services.

Since introducing the concept of using amputees to create realistic incidents, Albert has gone on to train in the application of SFX Make-up and use of pyrotechnics.

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